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Top Ten Phrases That Make You Sound Smart

10. So then I said to the gentlemen, "Prognosticate I thought you said promisitate." /Cojack

9. Fascinating, I believe that your mental capacity has reduced since the last time we occupied the same point in space/time. /Baron

8. I saw an interesting special on PBS last night. /Anonymous

7. It's D, the answer is D!! Don't use a lifeline!! /Anonymous

6. I totally agree with him. /Marigold

5. Personally I have always been apposed to utterly facesious rambling of the more extreme of the antidisestablishmentarians and proponents of the neo-socialist regime. /mookow500

4. Yes, that would be the logical choice. /Irrak

3. The unbalanced forces of the quasimetric calorimeter are convulsing into one excessively huge caliprod. /thekidinthehall

2. Well my dear boy, it all has to do with isotopes. /Slug

rorschak knows how to sound smart...

1. There is an inevitable correction on the near-term horizon.

Originally published: 02/22/2000

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