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Top Ten Outrageous Senior Pranks

By the way... don't try these at home... I know that's what you were thinking of...

10. Graduate. (Emu)

9. Jello in the swimming pool. (JG1111)

8. Give the principal a majiuana plant just before a drug dogsearch. (DCBlank)

7. The ever popular "Hide the dentures in the hot sauce" prank. (Thanatos)

6. Chemistry majors line safety goggles with battery acid. (Praxite)

5. Create a small black hole in the guys' washroom. (Emu)

4. Have the Health department close down the school due to an anonymous tip about the lunch room conditions. (BANDIT)

3. Instead of moving the statue of the principal and cementing it there, cement the principal. (Tiresias)

2. Submitting "Macguyzz sucks!" and signing in as "Principal Peterson" (Nadroj)

If blowing up the principal's car isn't good enough for you try this prank from Chris...

1. Write "June 6" on your papers when it's really June 7th!!

Originally published: 04/25/1998

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